Friday, September 4, 2009

You Shameless Hussy!

Girl must admit that she has a fit of the giggles everytime she sees this in the refrigerator of her local Chinese grocer's. Admittedly, the sight of a grown person having an attack of the giggles for no (seemingly) apparent reason in front of an open refrigerator must provide entertainment to the other shoppers around her...however!

The word "Wanton" according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary...

1 a archaic : hard to control : undisciplined, unruly b : playfully mean or cruel : mischievous

2 a : lewd, bawdy b : causing sexual excitement : lustful, sensual

3 a : merciless, inhumane b : having no just foundation or provocation : malicious

4 : being without check or limitation: as a : luxuriantly rank b : unduly lavish : extravagant

So if Girl wanted to overindulge in a substance that would corrupt her decorous self and cause her to abandon her morals and transform into a self-indulgent, dissipated and debauched woman of disrepute, she would have to look no further than her nearest Chinese grocer' which case, this seemingly innocent concatenation of flour and water is surely Asia's best kept secret...