Monday, December 8, 2008

Coffee & Walnut muffins

Girl racked her brain for a witty title for this post but came up with nothing...after all, what witticisms can one utter about a batch of coffee walnut muffins slathered in chocolate ganache-type icing and bedecked with green fondant butterflies and flowers...?

The Coffee and Walnut muffin recipe was actually meant to be baked as a cake but Girl decided to use cupcake was a spur of the moment decision with Girl to slather ganache icing on top and from there, it was a short step to rolling out some fondant and making flower and butterfly cutouts to adorn the muffins...Girl found the fondant to be easier to work with today; it seemed to be firmer and held its shape better. Girl found that her cutouts came away far more cleanly today than they did when the fondant was freshly made...

**Note: The fondant was only made last Thursday