Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eureka! Eureka!

Girl feels about the same way that Archimedes must have done when he discovered the way to determine the volume of an object with an irregular shape...

For days now, Girl has been racking her brains to come up with a solution to her cake problem...namely, how to avoid using fondant (which hates refrigeration) to decorate a cake with ganache icing on it (which requires refrigeration, in Girl's estimate, if it is to be kept for a few days).

The answers to all of Girl's problems lay on one website...this one!

The most exciting excerpt from this exemplary webpage...

Ganache is very versatile stuff! You can take the remainder that has fallen onto the baking sheet, form it into a ball, roll it between your palms into a long snake, then roll it flat (or not) and form all kinds of freeform shapes to go on top of the cake. Or you can roll the ball flat (no thinner than 3/8 of an inch, though) and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes like stars, ornaments, etc. You can make a “white chocolate” ganache and pour it into cake pans to cool, then cut into ribbons, rounds, the sky’s the limit! And white chocolate is stunning against dark chocolate. You can, of course, also paint the ganache onto washed and dried mint leaves to make chocolate leaves that can be shaped to stand up from the cake. And you can form those ribbons into individual “loops” to make a full bow for the top of a cake.

Oh, Girl is ecstatic!